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You want projects that are inspired, entertaining to knit, and make it easy to learn new techniques without going into overwhelm territory.  You love to have fun new things to knit, especially when the pattern & yarn are made for each other.  Add to that you are in love with color and yarn!

That is why the Yarn Year Round Club was created!  To give you a new exclusive kit to knit each month of the year, that guarantees success!

What Is Yarn Year Round?

 Yarn Year Round is a subscription service created by Sasha Ball Rives, a knitwear pattern designer, and former local yarn shop owner.  Each month, you will receive one shipment featuring a different custom kit, exclusive to the club!  This signup round will begin shipping in August 2017.

This round of the club is the last one I'll be offering, and I'm limiting membership to 50 more members!  Signup now to get in!

What is Included?

o   Custom colorway in seasonally appropriate yarn (for Missouri!) and the story behind it.  Each color is created as a collaboration with one of my favorite yarn dyers.  The 2017 club theme is "Flower Love," and will feature gorgeous colors inspired by a different bouquet of flowers each month.

o   A pattern to accompany the special yarn, plus video tutorials when appropriate.

o   Access to the club member private online community.

o   A surprise gift with each month’s shipment (Bags, notions, stationary, who knows….different each month!)  This round will also include a notecard each month with the color inspiration image and story on it.

o   Occasional free bonus patterns, alternate pattern recommendations, & sneak peeks of the next month's yarn in the club e-mail updates.

o   Help & support directly from Sasha via  E-mail, call, or the online community.

How Much Does It Cost?

-The Yarn Year Round Club subscription starts at $50/ month, but you can save 5% by paying in full up front!

-To subscribe for the 6 months of August-December (One month will be double!), the fee is $50/month, paid monthly



What do our 2016 members have to say about Yarn Year Round?

"I love the anticipation of yummy yarn then planning knitting time with my friend who is also in the club to work on the project together." 
-Shelly, Joplin, MO

"I love YYR, because it allows me to step outside the box and try patterns or colors that I normally wouldn't. I also love the surprise every month to find out what we are making and what type of yarn and color(s) of yarn we are using." 
-Pam, Seneca, MO

"I'm loving the hand dyed yarns from various dyers and the surprise each month." 
-Carole, Houston, TX

"I love the surprise of the custom yarn and the custom pattern! I feel like I learn more about [the designer]  by the information included with the pattern and yarn. I've worked with yarns I haven't used before and learned new knitting techniques too. I love sharing the yyr projects with the community. I've become a better & happier knitter since joining the Yarn Year Round Club =)" 
-Sandy, Carthage, MO

"[I like] Getting new yarn!"
-Barb, Girard, KS

"I love everything about the Yarn Year Round Club. Not to sound cheesy, but this is really true. Each selection has been presented so professionally: always comes on time, packaged securely and attractively. The little surprises are so meaningful; they are not just "stuffing" for the package. The quality of the yarn choices is superb--- each being a selection I look forward to using. I really enjoy the pattern and write-up that comes with the yarn."
-Carol, Springfield, MO

"I love that it keeps me knitting. With a 1yr old it is really hard to physically get to [a yarn shop] and look through yarns and patterns. With YYRC all I have to do is open the door and it is there ready for me to knit!"
-Andrea, Joplin, MO

"Love the yarn and the patterns are perfect for the yarn!"
-Laura, Carthage, MO

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I be charged?
For the pay in full option, you will be charged immediately.  This guarantees you are paid in full for the time period chosen, and your shipment will always go out on time! 
Monthly pay options will require the first payment up front (July), with payments happening monthly from there (August-December)
When will my package ship?  How much does it cost to ship?
The first shipment will go out by the 15th of August 2017, and each month following will go out by the 15th of that month.  Because the club was originally scheduled to start in July, there will be one month where you will get 2 shipments!  There is no charge to ship, we have included it in the price for your convenience!  All packages will ship USPS Priority.
Can you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we are only able to ship within the United States.
What kinds of yarn and patterns are included?
We are working with some of our favorite companies to bring you custom yarns for each month.  So far we have offered custom colors from SweetGeorgia, Lorna's Laces, Lux Adorna Knits, Oink Pigments, Mrs. Crosby, Prism Yarns, & More!  We can’t give it all away, but we are doing yarns of all different weights, colors, fibers and more!  Each of the patterns will be a 1-2 skein knitting project designed for the custom yarn…think mitts, shawls, wraps, cowls and other accessories, with the right amount of yarn to make it!  Want to see the projects so far?   Click here to see the projects on Ravelry!
Sasha, I know you.  You love teal, turquoise, and aqua….Will all the yarns be your favorite colors?
Nope!  The color inspiration for this round is "Flower Love."  I'm lifting combos straight from nature for some beautiful variety.  I can't wait to share these new colors with you!
Why the limited time to signup?  Can’t I just enroll next month if I haven’t made up my mind?
Unfortunately, we have to keep signup to a limited time to make sure we get numbers to our dyers in plenty of time for them to produce the custom colors.  Many of the yarns take 8-12 weeks lead time to get dyed, so we have to keep it limited so we can ensure that we order enough!
In addition, I'm limiting signup to only 50 more memberships to make it more manageable, so you'll want to signup soon if you want in!
What about the next round?  I'll just signup next year...
At this time, I'm planning to make this the last round of the club subscription!  I've got lots of new opportunities on the horizon, and I've decided to do one more fun round of this project before moving on!
Can I give the Yarn Year Round Club as a gift?
Yes, you can gift either of the prepay options!  You will have to fill out a separate registration for each gift, and you will be able to let us know during checkout in the notes/special info section that you plan to send it as a gift!  If you indicate that the subscription is a gift, we will be happy to send you a special card that you can give to the recipient to let them know how lucky they are!
What is the "Buyer's Club" option?
The Buyer's Club is an option where you can get access to shop the club extras without committing to the full subscription.  This option does not include any yarn, it includes PDF's of all 6 patterns, the club project bag, online community access, and a chance to shop any extras after they have been revealed to subscription members.  This lets you shop as desired, but supplies are limited on the extras.  They will be first come, first serve.
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